Products & Services

:: We are delivering a wide range of products, including telephone exchanges, main distribution frames (MDF), multi-service access node (MSAN) equipment, telecommunication overvoltage and overcurrent protection modules, xDSL splitters, measuring and test equipment and network cables and equipment.

:: PASSER d.o.o. has recently developed HyperiON home automation system. HyperiON home automation system offers a global standard for interoperable products enabling smart homes that can control appliances, lighting, environment, energy management and security, as well as the expandability to connect with other home automation (smart home) systems. Smarter homes allow consumers to save money, be more environmentally aware, feel more secure and enjoy a variety of conveniences that make homes easier and less expensive to maintain. Years of work and experience in the field of telecommunications, programming and electronics contributed to high quality and reliability of our home automation system.

:: Our Company provides variety of services in the field of telecommunications and electronics. Besides delivery and installation of protection modules and xDSL splitters at distribution frames, PASSER d.o.o. can offer turn-key solutions as well.
That includes development and design, installation, adaptation and maintenance of telecommunication equipment and accessories, measuring technical characteristics of installed equipment, IT services, software and web development.

:: PASSER d.o.o. deals with custom design projects, including research, development and production of requested electronic devices, software and web applications. Our creative potential is integrated in various products, mostly in the field of telecommunications and electronics.

Delivered products reference list

Reference list of PASSER's delivered protection modules and splitters up until the end of 2016. :

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