About Us

:: The company PASSER d.o.o. was founded in 1993. in Zemun, Belgrade. Since the day of its founding, PASSER's focus has been on research and development, manufacturing, design, export-import services, mostly in the field of electronics and telecommunications.

:: Our company is delivering a wide range of products, including telephone exchanges, main distribution frames (MDF), multi-service access node (MSAN) equipment, telecommunication overvoltage and overcurrent protection modules, xDSL splitters, measuring and test equipment and network cables and equipment. We also provide IT services, including software and web development.

::PASSER d.o.o. in cooperation with TSP d.o.o. and a team of young experts developed the HyperiON system for home automation. Created in order to expand the production activities and services of our company, HyperiON was developed as a modern and advanced system compared to the existing systems on our market. Many years of experience and work in the field of telecommunications, computing and electronics contributed to the high quality and reliability of our system.

:: Through many years of successful business, PASSER d.o.o. has been collaborating with successful IT organizations, companies, partners and institutes such as:

IRITEL TSP Vojnotehnički institut Telekom Srbija a.d. TeleGroup Tagor Electronic
Ei PCB Bratel-Kron Pulse Electronics Feuerherdt GmbH Reichle & De-Massari ETECSA