Software Development

:: PASSER d.o.o. offers leading-edge technical knowledge and proven experience, taking a consultative approach to understanding your needs in order to support you in choosing the most suitable development approach.
Important part of our offer are the design and development of software solutions that meet customer needs as well as customization, implementation and maintenance of programs and applications.
Our Company can be involved on software development projects from concept development (consulting) up to testing and quality assurance of developed program or application.

:: We pay special attention to quality and architecture, so our solutions could be scalable, fast performing and easy to maintain. Our software developers stay updated with the newest software development (programming) technologies, constantly advancing in knowledge and technique.

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and programming languages:

• Eclipse
• Qt
• MS Visual Studio
• Java
• C++
• C#
• JavaScript/HTML

:: Our engineers are also ensuring interconnectivity of specially developed or non-standard programs and applications and their integration in the enterprise environment and help users exploit and further adjust applications in order to accommodate changes more efficiently in the internal or external environment of their companies.

:: We are offering a wide range of services tailored to customer requirements, from ongoing project management to efficient technical support.

:: PASSER d.o.o. offers network management and administration. Our network architects and engineers provide expert-level services to ensure the stability and integrity of voice, data, and wireless network services by planning, designing, developing, and maintaining local area network (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

:: Our web developers are creating beautiful interactive web designs and developing custom web applications. PASSER d.o.o. has enough capacities and experience to create, launch, and support a website of any complexity and scalability. We offer our customers a full circle of website development processes.

We use the latest web technology in mobile web development to build features and content that is a natural fit for smart-phone and tablet viewing. Responsive web design adjusts the website to fit your browser's viewing window.
We follow the latest industry standards including HTML5 and CSS3 while maintaining support for older browsers and operating systems.