Prometeus ML1

Instrument PASSER Prometeus ML1 is designed for static test of overvoltage protection components and devices (Gas arresters - GDT, varistors, TVS or Thyristor diodes, one or multi pair TOP, COP and TPM family protection modules etc.) by measuring of static (slow voltage rate), DC breake-over (or spark-over for GTD) voltage VDC.

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Technical characteristics:

• Testing overvoltage protection components separately or protection modules up to 20 pairs (40 poles), depending on disconnection module capacity used in specific MDF (Main Distribution Frame)

• Programs setting (by down menus) and memorising of testing parameters by user selection up to 10 different testing procedures (ex. for 10 different overvoltage protection configurations).
Adjusting parameters are:
1. UMIN - minimum breakover (spark-over) voltage (2V ... 650V)
2. UMAX - maximum breakover (spark-over) voltage (2V ... 650V)
3. TS - voltage rate, from 0V to 1000V (standard values Ts=100V/s, Ts=200V/s i Ts=1000V/s)
4. LN - number of testing poles in procedure

• Selection of polarity ( - or +) or test type (one of three options; a,b – earth, earth – a,b or a – b)

• Automatic start procedure (ENTER key) • Displaying of measuring values and test parameters on LCD screen with backlight after procedure finish, also, with LED indication panel (green – O.K., red – failure)

• Sound alarm (optionaly) for failure of any component or configuration

• In case of voltage rise above 650V or open circuit LCD shows 0V

• Network supply AC 180-240V, 50 Hz or from built-in rechargeable battery with DC charger

• Average consumption from battery is 200mA and max. consumption rise up to 800 mA (when testing preocedure is on)

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