Network surge protection modules

:: Resettable fast complex protection for network with RJ45 connectors.

APM2-RJ45 Protection block

:: APM2-RJ45 protection block consists of two protection modules. Each module has one input and one output RJ45 connector. The line is connected to the RJ45 input and equipment to the appropriate output. This way equipment is protected from overvoltage and overcurrent which may occur on the line side.

APM2-RJ45 protection blocks comply with CAT6 standard.

APM2-RJ45 block is designed for mounting in a standard 19" 3U rack. Up to 15 APM2-RJ45 protection blocks can be mounted in one rack. Installation of APM2-RJ45 protection blocks in 19" 3U rack and connecting cables with RJ45 connectors is very simple and fast.

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Guidelines for choosing type of surge protection

:: To choose the right type of surge protection at the distribution frame, certain principles must be considered, such as quality of service, costs and safety of the personnel. Causes of dangerous surges i.e. overvoltages and overcurrents could be:

- atmospheric discharges (direct or near lightning strikes)
- inductive influence of near high voltage plants
- cross-contact between the power and the telecommunication line

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